A Note About Recruitment – 09-12-2015

Fearless Leaders,

The slogan of the OCBSA is “To Serve More Youth with a Quality Program”. In order to be a Quality Unit, (among other things) you must meet Membership goals. These Membership goals include:

Enrollment: Packs can meet their Enrollment numbers by having a Plan and following the steps outlined at the Road Shows for a successful Sign-up Night. Troops can meet their Enrollment numbers by having a Plan and working with local Packs at the Sign-up Nights and various outings to put the spotlight on their Troop when it comes time to Cross-Over.

Retention: In order for a Pack or Troop to retain the boys (and parents), they must have Trained Leaders to provide a Quality Program. And, most of all, the boys must have FUN!

Transition: For Packs, it is never too early to talk with your Cubs about Boy Scouts. It is never an “if” you go into Boy Scouts, it is always a “when” you go into Boy Scouts. Pack Leaders should be talking about Camporall and Camporee at Pack Meetings in front of everyone. This will help the excitement build for the younger Cubs and what they have to look forward to as Webelos. Speaking of Camporall, Troops should have their promotional flyers updated and on hand to distribute. Camporall is just over a month away.

Unit Information: Please visit www.Beascout.org and ensure that your Unit contact information is current. You don’t want parents of potential Scouts to get frustrated by sending emails into the abyss. If you need the password, please contact our District Executive, Will Abbott at willa@ocbsa.org for a new login.

Scout On!

Aaron Dyer

Canyons District Vice Chair of Membership

Let me know what you think. If this is acceptable, we can send to all of the District Leaders.


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